Wellness Plans

Clients will learn how to create balance in the mind and the body by:

  • Practicing Daily Breathing Exercises
  • Practicing Daily Movement Exercises
  • Consuming Clean Food and Pure, Alkaline Water

At In Good Health, an individual approach is taken when it comes to nutrition. Purified, alkaline water is also essential to our health and is necessary in order for our cells to function properly. Caution: Alkaline (ionized) water increases the potency of over-the-counter and prescription medications. Drink water with a neutral pH (7.0 7.4) when taking medications.

Services Blog Testimonials

" I have struggled with sever boils since I was a baby. For years, good holistic practices of altering diet, mindfulness, exercise and particularly acupuncture/Chinese herbs would alleviate an episode. My last bout would NOT be relieved with any practices I knew... even with Chinese Medicine it was getting worse and worse. I was in tears. I went to Amy. Using Iridology, looking at my eyes, she pinpointed the problem, and following her advice the boils cleared up... "

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