Nutrition Analysis

Clients are offered a comprehensive Nutrition Analysis which includes:

  • Diet
  • Exercise (mind/body)
  • Blood Type Testing
  • Nutrition Response Testing - a safe, non-invasive technique used to analyze the body for underlying causes of ill health due to organ weaknesses, food allergies, immune challenges, chemical sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity and scars.

Services Blog Testimonials

" I have struggled with sever boils since I was a baby. For years, good holistic practices of altering diet, mindfulness, exercise and particularly acupuncture/Chinese herbs would alleviate an episode. My last bout would NOT be relieved with any practices I knew... even with Chinese Medicine it was getting worse and worse. I was in tears. I went to Amy. Using Iridology, looking at my eyes, she pinpointed the problem, and following her advice the boils cleared up... "

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