Iridology {Eye-ri-doll-a-gy}

The science and art of observing marks in the iris (the color portion of the eye) to determine tissue conditions in the body.

Very Important:
Clinical Iridologists DO NOT diagnose.

Iridology Cannot Reveal:
  • Specific diagnostic findings
  • Specific drugs used in the past or present
  • Specific surgeries a client has had
  • Whether parasites are present
  • Specific viral or bacterial infections
  • Whether a woman is pregnant
  • The gender of a client
Iridology CAN Reveal:
  • Nutritional needs in the body
  • Toxic settlements in organs, glands and tissues
  • Inherently strong and weak organs, glands and tissues
  • Stages and location of tissue inflammation in the body
  • Mucoid plaque in the intestines
  • Current state of the bowel (ballooned, impacted, prolapsed transverse, spastic, stricture)
  • Under and/or over acidity in the stomach
  • Poor assimilation of nutrients
  • Food Allergies
  • If a client is a good host for parasites
  • Presence of viral or bacterial infections
  • Lack of Oxygen to the brain and the body

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" I have struggled with sever boils since I was a baby. For years, good holistic practices of altering diet, mindfulness, exercise and particularly acupuncture/Chinese herbs would alleviate an episode. My last bout would NOT be relieved with any practices I knew... even with Chinese Medicine it was getting worse and worse. I was in tears. I went to Amy. Using Iridology, looking at my eyes, she pinpointed the problem, and following her advice the boils cleared up... "

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