Let it Go

Most of us were taught that having one bowel movement per day is healthy and for centuries this has been acceptable. However, if we consider how many meals the average person consumes per day, which is typically three, then where are the other two meals hiding?

The small intestine is one of the major organs in our bodies. This is where all of our undigested food harbors until we offer a viable means of escape. Unfortunately, the small intestine receives the least amount of attention when it should receive much more care.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, nutritionist, lecturer, and author of over 30 books on natural health care, states "Every tissue in the body is fed by the bloodstream, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty and so are the organs and tissues. It is the bowel that must be cared for first."

Many people suffering from chronic constipation (having one or fewer bowel movements per day) are also dealing with underlying emotional concerns. For example, studies suggest that suppressed sexual self-expression (say that five times fast…) leads to stagnation and lack of movement in a person's sexual energy and life force. Therefore, when the sexual energy and life force become stagnant, the movement of the food material from which we absorb nutrients that support our life force also becomes stagnant.

Constipation can also occur in people who tend to over-analyze situations, rather than understanding our feelings and allowing for change and transformation. In other words, “letting go” of the very things in life that no longer serve us well, whether it is a relationship, a self-inflicted idea, a belief system or controlling a situation. Taking part in these imbalanced mental body actions is an escape to avoid reality and the emotional aspects of life.

Constipation is a dryness that reflects the mental dryness of over-analyzing, being addicted to belief systems and regimes, because the emotional energy required for resolving the issue is too threatening.

In addition to letting go of our emotional obstacles to relieve constipation, it is also necessary to be well hydrated. For every 60 pounds of body weight, we should consume one quart of free water each day. Free water means 100% pure water, which does not include water from fruits or vegetables or water used to make tea or coffee. Actually, tea and coffee are both diuretics and deplete the body of the oxygen required for optimal health. If you happen to live within 40 miles of New Paltz, NY click here: http://hudsonvalleywaterres-px.rtrk.com/free-water-test-ny.html for a free water test.

As spring begins to awaken our spirits, let’s rid ourselves of the emotional burdens from the past, present and future that remain stuck in our gut. Not only will we feel renewed, but the energy that we emanate will be received in a much more positive light.

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