How to Make your Hormones Happy

by: Amy Castelluzzo, Clinical Iridologist at In Good Health, LLC

We have billions of hormones produced in the body which travel all day long attempting to pair up with receptors. Think of hormones as mini messengers who communicate with receptors to ensure that a very specific job is completed. Seems easy enough… right? Not so much.

One of the main reasons why so many of us have hormone-related imbalances is due to the thousands of hormone blockers (xeno-estrogens) which enter the body making it impossible for hormones to do their job. Picture yourself trying to shoot hoops with a wooden block nailed directly in front of the basketball hoop. You’re never going to make a shot! The story is quite similar with our hormones because even though they may find a receptor often times there is a barrier between the two, much like the wooden block, preventing a much needed job from being accomplished.

What are xeno-estrogens anyway? I’m so glad you asked! Xeno-estrogens are synthetic chemicals (liquid, solid or gas) which enters the body via the skin; lungs or digestive tract and mimics the estrogen you already have in your body which eventually sets you up for a long list of hormonal imbalances such as thyroid irregularities, migraines, PMS, mood swings, irregular menses, menopausal problems and in many cases breast cancer, prostate cancer and other hormonal cancers.

Some of the most dangerous and widely used xeno-estrogens can be found in our laundry room. Yup, you guessed it….laundry detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. These three household cleaners, along with dozens of others, are filled with synthetic fragrances, dyes and other harmful chemicals which never completely wash out of our clothes, thus seeping right through our skin, into our bloodstream and eventually finds a nice little home in our soft tissues. How much actually reaches the bloodstream? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!! Once you are laden with xeno-estrogens it can take several months before you begin to feel yourself again. Rest-assured, there is something we can do about it.

The first step toward happy, healthy hormones is to CHANGE your laundry detergent and STOP using fabric softeners of ANY kind. Unless you live in a nudist community and have no real need for clothing, feel free to stop reading this article at any time. Otherwise, read on to find out what you can use to safely wash your clothes and feel confident knowing that you’ve taken the first step in protecting your loved-one’s from harmful xeno-estrogens.

Safe Laundry Care
-Tri-sodium Phosphate – 1-2 TBS/wash
-Soap Nuts
-Sodium Percarbonate – 1-4 oz/wash
-Nature Clean Powdered Detergent
-Baking Soda – ˝ c./wash to soften clothes naturally

Most of these products and more can be found at

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